As an avid traveler (26 countries and counting), nothing is more satisfying than having my gear dialed in. Everything I bring should have multiple purposes so I can pack less and explore more. Yet, I need help mixing and matching a lot of formal wear. For example, my dress shirts don’t dress down, and my tees don’t dress up. I need something stylish and professional yet casual and down-to-earth. And I found what I needed in the Western Rise Limitless Merino Button-Down!

So, hoping to find the perfect shirt, I got one on a whim (in a smoke color). And since it’s Merino wool, I’d like to inspect some of Western Rise’s marketing claims to ensure you understand the complete picture as the end user. 

As with all our long-form reviews, we’ll subject this button-down to various tests. I’ll wear it with different outfits, in different situations, and put it through the wringer. I hope that you find the information provided helpful in your purchasing decision.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with our Limitless Merino Button-Down review. Enjoy!

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Overview & Tech Specs

Western Rise Limitless Merino Button-Down

The Western Rise Limitless Merino Button-Down is one of the most versatile, best-looking Merino wool dress shirts. You can dress it up or down and everything in between.

Yet, while the style is a plus, this shirt’s real star is the fabric. Western Rise uses a blend of 53% Merino wool and 47% polyester. So, you get comfort, odor resistance, and wrinkle resistance from the Merino wool, while the synthetic adds durability.

Moreover, the fabric weight is 175 gsm, which creates a light, airy, and breathable next-to-skin environment. There is an engineered 4-way stretch that is supportive yet flowing, and the tailored construction creates a flattering drape. Putting all this together, you get a simple, comfy, versatile, good-looking shirt.

Initial Thoughts

Alright, to say I’m more than excited to break open this package is an understatement. I’ve heard such good things about this Limitless Merino wool shirt, so I’m excited to try it.

Western Rise Limitless Merino Button Down Folded

The first thing I noticed was the high-quality craftsmanship. Everything looks and feels so fresh and professional. I can already tell tons of expertise went into creating this shirt. The seams and stitching are super clean. There aren’t any loose threads, off-tilt buttons, or manufacturing defects that I can see off the bat.

In terms of fit, there is a flattering taper. I have a somewhat athletic build (5’5″, 145 lbs.), and the small fits me like a glove. Although I imagine if you’re taller and skinnier, the hem and sleeve length may be short. For me, though, it works.

The fabric is super light but not too thin. Most of your standard cotton button-ups are thinner but weigh the same. However, the knit design and four-way stretch add a more three-dimensional texture, as compared to the flat, glossy look of other dress shirts. Instead, there is a more earthy, natural vibe.

Limitless Merino collar and fabric

The tailored design also significantly influences the shirt’s unique aesthetic. It just has that sleek, professional, and luxurious style. This shirt should work well at the office with a pair of chinos (or Western Rise’s Evolution Pant 2.0). And after five, you can untuck it, roll up the sleeves, and be ready for happy hour.

After my initial review, I’m excited to see what this shirt has in store. I’m already thinking of the dozens of outfit combinations I can make (business casual, Friday night fun, and relaxing everyday wear, to name a few). But I’m getting too far ahead of myself; I still need to wear it out of the house!

Three-Day Wear Test

It would be fantastic if I could wear this shirt for a month. However, that’s not indicative of how an average person would wear it. Instead, I’ll wear it for three days straight so you can better understand how it functions in everyday life.

Day One: Versatility

As any grown man does when he gets a new shirt, I played dress up with what I had in the closet. I can see myself wearing this shirt for both work and play. I matched it with some of my coats and sweaters (see below), and it fits my wardrobe nicely. The neutral smoke color matches any dark pants or jeans but is also appropriate for grays, tans, and khakis.

Three various overlayers for the Western Limitless Merino Button-Down

Outside of my morning fashion show, I barely thought about the shirt for the rest of the day. And that’s the beauty of it! There were no annoyances like dangling sleeves or rough patches. I felt nothing from the shirt until I returned home and hung it up. Let’s air it out for tomorrow!

Day Two: Work From Home

I knew I had a busy, stressful day of work ahead of me, but knowing I’d be wearing this shirt made it a little less daunting. I matched it with khakis and chukka boots and continued with my day.

Man writing at table with Merino wool dress shirt

And again, the same thing as yesterday, no issues. After I struggled to take this obviously-staged picture (who uses paper anymore?), I put my head down and did some real work. I was super comfortable at room temperature, which sometimes feels chilly to me.

Another day, another successful test, and still no odor!

Day Three: Chilling All Day

Since I had nothing to do for the day, I decided to chill while wearing the button-down.

Western Rise shirt with beanie and chinos

The weather outside was about 55-60 °F, but I wasn’t cold. I was completely comfortable sitting on the balcony with my dog, Taco. And to test if his dog hair would stick to it, he fell asleep on my lap for half an hour or so. In the end, I couldn’t see much accumulation of hair, but I would assume darker pet hair may find its way to latch onto the knit pattern.

After some cuddle time with Taco, I hung up the Limitless Merino Button-Down and set a timer for an hour. I returned shortly to see if the fabric had any odor. And it doesn’t! It barely even looks worn. So, I can assume this shirt will stay fresh for longer trips, even after several wears.

Laundry Test

As Merino wool is delicate, it sometimes doesn’t hold up to the rigors of the laundry process. Loose threads could pull, zippers can snag, and next thing you know, your favorite shirt is ruined. So, we find testing each piece of gear in the washer essential. That way, you can have peace of mind when doing it yourself!

As for this expertly-designed button-down, the blended fabric makes it more rugged, so I’m not too worried about tearing or snagging. Although, there is the possibility of pilling. To avoid these issues, I’m going to try and follow Western Rise’s care instructions, which are as follows:

  • Wash with like colors with mild wool detergent
  • Do not dry clean. Do not use bleach.
  • Lay flat to dry (recommended)
  • May tumble dry on low, but expect half-size shrinkage

So, now is the deciding moment. Drum roll, please…

Limitless Merino Shirt Flat Drying

It passed! The fabric didn’t pill at all, and the only thing that changed is the color darkened when wet but bounced back to its original hue when dry. I flat-dried it on a towel instead of risking it in the dryer, which is Merino wool care 101.

So, after three days of wear and no issues in the laundry, I have to give the Western Rise Limitless Merino Button Down our seal of approval. The only question that lingers is: should I get another one?

What I Liked

Many reviewers will throw out blanket statements like “I love this shirt” without any significant evidence to support their claim. And listen, I get it; sometimes, you get a good feeling that’s unexplainable. And while I get the same feeling from this Limitless Merino Button-Down, I’ll do my best to explain why “I love this shirt.”

The Limitless Fabric

You may not know this, but one of Merino wool’s disadvantages is its delicateness. Snags, tears, and rips often happen, but the frequency and ease of occurrence differ among brands. Luckily, Western Rise understands this downside to Merino wool and does something about it. They incorporate polyester into their Limitless fabric to act as a strong backbone.

Limitless Merino Fabric

Yet, even with the addition of synthetic, you retain the positive aspects of the Merino wool. The Limitless fabric’s four-way stretch knit doesn’t cause any hot points for rubbing or chafing. It still has cloud-like comfort, top-notch thermoregulating properties, multiple days of odor-proof wear, and wrinkle-free packability.

Style & Versatility

Throughout the testing process, I had a blast trying to see how I could mix and match this shirt with the rest of my clothes. From a professional aesthetic with khakis and chukka boots to a casual, untucked look topped with a beanie, I could pull off any style I wanted to. Even bomber jackets, suit jackets, and cardigans pair nicely. After testing, I’d estimate it works with over 50% of my closet.

This high level of versatility is why this button-down would make a valuable addition to any capsule wardrobe, especially for those who are always on the go.

A True Game-Changer For Travelers

Finally, Western Rise says this shirt is “truly built to go anywhere.” I 100% agree with this claim. We just discussed two reasons for this: the Limitless fabric and the fashionable versatility.

Clothes folded in a suitcase

For example, since you can dress this shirt up or down, it replaces a casual polo and standard button-down in your travel bag. Moreover, since you can toss a tee underneath and leave the shirt unbuttoned, it takes the role of a heavier flannel or denim shirt. That’s the function of three shirts in one stylish, minimal button-down. And since Merino wool doesn’t stink, you won’t have to worry about doing laundry when you should be exploring!

Areas For Improvement

I’ve tried to find faults for this button-down, but there are none. It’s not that the shirt is perfect, but everything Western Rise says about this Limitless Merino shirt is accurate. What you see is what you get.

Although, I do have some thoughts on potential areas to grow so consumers – like you and me – will keep returning to this button-down year after year.

Color Availability

As of March 2023, Western Rise only offers the Limitless Merino Button-Down in three colors: smoke (which I tested), light blue, and concrete. Both the smoke and light blue are just a few shades off of white, while the concrete is your basic gray.

It’s not that this color selection is poor, but it would be nice if more options were available. Perhaps some darker tones, like navy, olive, or black. 

Price Tag

I get it; spending over $100 on a shirt seems foolish. Yet, the Limitless Merino Button-Down’s price is comparable – if not favorable – to shirts of similar quality. Let me explain.

If you’re shopping for a decent dress shirt, you will spend at least $50. And it’s probably going to be cotton or pure synthetics. You must iron it while traveling; it won’t even replace other shirts in your bag. Yet the Limitless Merino Button-Down does all these things at just over double the price. Moreover, it still costs less than other popular Merino wool button-ups like this famous Wool&Prince shirt.

So, would I love for Western Rise to lower the price so I can buy more? You bet. Do I understand that the price tag is comparatively affordable and accept it for what it is? You bet even more.

Final Note: Western Rise Limitless Merino Button-Down

I hope you enjoyed our review of the Western Rise Limitless Merino Button-Down. It’s a versatile, comfortable shirt that I know I’ll wear for years. If you’re interested in getting one for yourself – or even checking out more about Western Rise – you can click the button below.

If you want to learn more about your favorite Merino wool gear, explore the site. We are continually searching for the best apparel in the Merino world, so you don’t have to. And, if you’d like any deals or discounts on this gear, sign up for our newsletter below or follow us on any of the socials. We are always open to new members in this flock!

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