Woolly is a Seattle-based Merino wool apparel company focusing on everyday wear. They have taken their innovative mindset and created several unique Merino garments. Today, I’ll guide you through our extensive Woolly review.

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Mission Statement

“We want you to feel unstoppable, every day, in merino wool.”

Woolly – About Us

Brief History

In 2013, three friends in Seattle took their love for Merino wool (and hatred for plastic) and made it into a brand.

Chris, Mike, and James launched Woolly because they noticed a need for everyday wear within the wool industry. In addition, they understood the power of Merino from partaking in outdoor adventures in the Cascade mountains. So the group of friends thought, “why can’t we wear this stuff every day?” 

Subsequently, they created a line of Merino Foundation Wear that has grown into a hugely popular and innovative company.

Woolly Founders Looking At Clothes

How popular? For example, they have launched three successful Kickstarter campaigns for their longhaul pants, NatureDry waterproof jacket, and NatureDry LOFT insulated puffy. These three innovative pieces – all crafted from 100% Merino wool – have raised nearly $1-million combined as of August 2022. That’s eleven times their initial asking! Heck, their last campaign was fully funded in 30 MINUTES!

So, of course, we have to dive into their popularity by doing a full Woolly review. Especially since their brand is the definition of Merino Wool Gear!


As previously mentioned, Woolly specializes in Merino wool clothing designed for everyday wear (Merino Foundation Wear). As a result, it’s not only comfortable and odor-resistant – as with all Merino clothing – but it’s easily adaptable to daily life.

In other words, it’s high-performing Merino wool with a high degree of functionality.

Woolly Review: What We Like

At Merino Wool Gear, we are clothing nerds, plain and simple.

Of course, we didn’t ask for this passion, and sometimes it’s a curse. But overall, we are fascinated with the power of Merino.

And, when we think of Woolly Clothing as a brand, we know they feel the same way.

Woolly’s love for Merino wool, combined with their creative minds, has allowed them to flourish as a clothing brand. If we had to narrow down what we like about their apparel into two simple categories, it would be practicality and innovation.

The Most Practical Merino Wool Brand On The Market

The outdoor performance focus of Merino wool is not an issue in itself. Most Merino wool brands focus on high-performance outdoor apparel. You see this with engineered base layers, tactical socks, and even a lot of athletic wear. However, it’s not like you can wear your hiking gear to the office daily. This lack of versatility has been a significant issue plaguing the Merino wool industry for some time.

That is until Woolly Clothing came around.

Woolly Clothing Mens and Womens

Woolly’s collections are practical, functional, and can be worn in almost any situation. They understand that wool clothing can be expensive, so they have crafted unique pieces that fit into your daily wardrobe.

It’s what they call “Merino Foundation Wear.”

From their versatile Longhaul pant to their award-winning Rugby polo, Woolly Clothing’s gear brings high-performance Merino fabric out of the woods and into your life.

Continuous, Industry-Leading Innovation

Again, we can’t stress this enough: Woolly has changed the Merino game.

It’s no longer outdoor performance base layers and high-end sweaters. Instead, Woolly has engineered Merino wool to work for your everyday needs. Here are a few of their innovations that we love.

Click on the blocks below the image to learn more about some of our favorite Merino wool innovations used by Woolly.

Woolly Review Innovations
Performance Flex Merino

Athletic clothing should be supportive but not too restrictive. Also, it shouldn’t be so baggy that it restricts your movement. That’s why Woolly found the perfect blend to provide maximum support when you’re on the move.

Their Performance Flex Merino line uses 95% Merino wool and 5% elastane. The extra stretch gives you the classic next-to-body support, while the Merino wool feels super soft against your skin.

Pro-Knit Series

As per Woolly, they have been perfecting the Merino wool mid-layer for years. They want to provide a comfort, style, and feel that is unmatched by other brands.

Therfore, Woolly uses advanced knitting techniques in much of their apparel. Their Pro-Knit material makes warm, comfortable mid-layers and outerwear.

NatureDry + NatureDry LOFT

Did you know Merino wool can actually be waterproof? Neither did we! But Woolly put their clothing knowledge and expertise to the test by creating the NatureDRY jacket. They weave Merino wool under extreme tension, so it becomes waterproof when it relaxes.

But that’s not all. Woolly took their waterproof Merino technology to the next level and added a layer of pure Merino wool insulation to create the NatureDRY LOFT Puffy. You can preorder one on Kickstarter now!

Woolly Review: Areas to Improve

As we do with all our Merino Wool brand reviews, we want to ensure that you get each side of the coin. Transparency is vital to our review process. So, although we are Woolly fanboys (& fangirls), it’s important to highlight some of the downsides to their apparel.

Limited Color Options

Although we don’t mind rocking earth-tone clothing, if you’re looking for unique colors, then Woolly may not be your best choice. Most of their men’s collections come in a combination of four primary colors: black, gray, blue, and green. Some styles even only have one color option.

Woolly Clothing Color Options

As for the women’s collections, there are only three primary colors of tees: black, gray, and purple (rarely orange). As for leggings, sweatshirts, and other outerwear, we tend to see them available in only black or gray. It would be nice if Woolly released more options for those that want to be more fashionable. We would love for them to add a few color block options for their leggings or even a couple more pastel colors like mint & pink for their tops.

Woolly Clothing Tank Colors

While this improvement area is not a deal-breaker, Woolly could use their innovative minds more in this department. So, if you want to see your favorite Merino wool apparel in a specific color, personally reach out to Woolly. If enough people show interest, they may release more color options.

Editor’s Note: Some users have reported that thinner shirts in lighter colors may be see-through. We have not tested any lighter-color shirts, but it’s still worth noting.

A Bit Delicate For Heavy Use

Merino wool is naturally soft and luxurious, but this feature often comes at the cost of longevity. Many companies incorporate a nylon core to improve durability, enhancing strength and puncture resistance. However, Woolly uses Merino predominantly in much of their clothing, leaving us questioning long-term durability.

Several users have noted pinholes forming after light use, but I think this is due to improper care. Of course, it’s not saying that you will immediately wear a hole in your Woolly tee. But, you should follow the necessary washing steps to increase total lifetime wear.

Plus, the guys over at Woolly understand Merino’s delicate nature, and I’m sure they will assist with any manufacturing issues or inconsistencies.

Woolly Review: Sustainability

“More wool. Less plastic. That’s our goal.”


As you probably already know by now, Merino wool in itself is a sustainable fabric. But, Woolly takes it one step further by using all environmentally-friendly materials in their apparel.

These guys are trying to change how we think about plastic use. Much of their brand is dedicated to educating customers about the dangers of synthetic materials. In addition, they use the brand tag #BreakFreeFromPlastic across their marketing materials.

To sum up, Woolly has a full-blown vendetta against plastics. And who can blame them? They want to protect our planet and maintain their home region’s beauty. If preserving the Pacific Northwest – even in the tiniest amount – is all that comes from their future, I can guarantee they’ll feel like a success.

Woolly Review: Ethics

As consumers ourselves, it’s crucial that we highlight the ethical implications of every Merino wool brand. We don’t score these companies like other sites because we understand that certain ethical aspects vary depending on the person.

Still, as for Woolly, we feel like they are doing the right thing in the ethics department. As you just read, their goal is to reduce plastic consumption and ensure that their Merino wool is harvested from happy, healthy sheep. That’s why all their raw Merino comes from Woolmark, an industry-leading wool provider.

Total Focus on Worker Health & Safety

Woolly isn’t just about ethical material but ethical business practices, too. Generally, the ethics behind the wool manufacturing process gets passed over. Especially since many garments are sewn in Asian countries with poor working conditions. However, Woolly takes pride in its manufacturing partners in Asia. They offer production transparency so that you understand each step of the process.

Their website mentions that they searched excessively for an ethical and sustainable garment-making facility in China. Since 2013, they have partnered with a sewing specialist in Jiangdong, China. And as members of the Business Social Compliance Initiation (BSCI), Woolly ensures that all aspects of their supply meet high-quality labor standards throughout their supply chain.

So, don’t worry when you read the tag that says “Made in China.” Woolly Clothing ensures that its entire garment-making process meets the highest ethical standards. Therefore, you can keep a clean conscience while rocking their comfortable Merino wool apparel.

Giving Back To The Community

Woolly takes pride in its Merino wool apparel and the community that inspired them to do so. In addition, they are substantial environmental advocates that aim to preserve the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Yet, their dedication to people sets their brand apart from the rest.

A portion of their profits is donated or reinvested into the following humanitarian organizations.

To sum up, there is no doubt that Woolly cares about their community. It’s a breath of fresh air to know that they use their platform to make a noticeable difference in this world.


As with 80% of the world’s Merino wool, Woolly sources its raw materials from Australia. But, all of their wool is tested and produced ethically as they only use Woolmark-certified Merino.

I’m sure if you have any specific questions about sourcing transparency, the guys over at Woolly would be more than happy to answer your inquiry.

Woolly Products

Top Sellers – Men

Woolly Men’s Ultralight Crew Neck T-Shirt

Men’s Merino Pro-Knit Wool Crew Zip-Up

Woolly Men’s Merino Wool Warm Up Sweatpant

Top Sellers – Women

Women’s Merino Wool 3/4 Sleeve Henley

Woolly Women’s Merino Wool Crew Tank

Women’s Merino Pro-Knit Cowl Neck Pullover

How To Find Deals on Woolly Clothing

Woolly is a young company, so you may not find their clothing on the second-hand market yet. But they have something that other Merino brands do not: innovation.

Since Woolly is constantly innovating, they often release Kickstarter campaigns (even though they really don’t need to, financial-wise). They do this so their loyal customers can get up to great deals on any newly released products. So, keep an eye out for early bird specials.

Moreover, they are often featured as a Deal of the Day on Amazon.

Woolly Clothing Deals on Amazon

Or, if you prefer shopping directly on the Woolly website, they have a dedicated sales page with limited discounts.

So, if you like their clothing, you may want to bookmark those sites, and you may be able to save a bit of money.

Update: As of June 2021, if you spend $99 or more on Woolly’s site, you get a pair of socks for free.

Sizing Charts


Woolly Men’s Tops Sizing Guide

SizeChest (in.)
Small34 – 36
Medium38 – 40
Large42 – 44
X-Large46 – 48
XX-Large50 – 52

Men’s Underwear Sizing Guide

SizeWaist (in.)
Small29 – 31
Medium32 – 34
Large35 – 37
X-Large38 – 40
XX-Large41 – 43

Woolly Men’s Socks Sizing Guide

SizeMen’s US Shoe Size*
Small4 – 7.5
Medium6 – 9
*All socks are listed as unisex. Sizing converted to Men’s US shoe size.


Women’s Tops Sizing Chart

SizeBust/Chest (in.)
X-Small30 – 32
Small33 – 34
Medium34.5 – 36
Large36.5 – 38
X-Large38.5 – 40

Woolly Women’s Underwear Sizing Guide

SizeUS Size
Small2 – 4
Medium6 – 8
Large10 – 12

Woolly Women’s Leggings Sizing Guide

SizeUS SizeWaist (in.)Inseam (in.)
Small2 – 42827.5
Medium6 – 83028
Large10 – 1231.529

Woolly Women’s Socks Sizing Guide

SizeWomen’s US Shoe Size
Small6 – 9
Medium9 – 11.5
All socks are listed as unisex. Sizing converted to Women’s US shoe size.


Unlike some of the Merino brands offering lifetime warranties, Woolly falls a little bit short in this department. They don’t explicitly list a multi-month product guarantee on their website, which we have to say is a bit unfortunate. Here’s the exact phrasing…

What is Woolly’s Product Guarantee? We appreciate your business. And we want you to be happy. If you are not satisfied for any reason please contact us at getsatisfied@woolly.clothing.”

The good news is the guys over at Woolly really do trust their clothing. So I’m sure if you have an issue, manufacturing defect, or some unique case, they’ll be able to help you out.

Return Policy

As for the returns, Woolly states that you can send back any purchased product that is new and unworn within one month of delivery (30 days). All returned clothing must be unwashed. You have to send back the original packaging. You’ll have to cover the return shipping cost, but they will refund you if the return is due to their error.

As for any exchanges, Woolly does not support them. Instead, you’ll have to return your original product and be refunded your money. Then, you’ll have to resubmit an order on their website.

Suppose you purchased any of Woolly’s apparel from Amazon or Kickstarter. In that case, you’ll have to initiate a return on that respective platform (and not their website itself).

Woolly Review: In the News

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