Based in Upstate New York, Woolx is a Merino wool brand that creates apparel to mesh their “love for the outdoors into our busy everyday lives.” Today, we’ve put together a comprehensive Woolx review so you can learn more about one of our favorite Merino wool brands.

Our promise is simple. We promise to make sure that Woolx will never let you down. You can always count on us for quality, comfort, and service.

Woolx About Us

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Brief History

You often see Merino wool companies that have popped up in the last couple of decades. But, Woolx has been around the clothing industry for a lot longer than their competitors.

The family-run business started as a brick-and-mortar store in Endicott, NY, over half a century ago. In 2012, they took their expansive knowledge of the clothing industry and transferred it into a new brand. In 2012, the father/daughter duo of Joe and Nicole had the idea that they should create a Merino wool brand for themselves rather than sell other people’s clothing. Thus, Woolx was born.

“We live and breathe the product we created, because we created it to work for us.”

As the company grows, they still maintain the same high customer service level you expect from a small business. Their clothing design genuinely embodies the natural wonders that Upstate New York has to offer.


If you take a look through Woolx’s website, you’ll see that they provide a large variety of Merino wool clothing. We wouldn’t classify their collections as purely technical or performance wear, but more of everyday wear. That isn’t to say that you couldn’t explore the backcountry in their apparel.

Still, we feel like other Merino companies better engineer their clothing for technical, high-level adventures.

Woolx Review: What We Like

Woolx has crafted unique Merino wool clothing collections that we find a bit different than other competitors companies. They put a much bigger emphasis on versatility with their clothing, which we love. It’s not only crafted for the outdoors but also for everyday wear.

For instance, take a look at these Woolx Piper Pocket Heavyweight leggings. Many outdoor companies create similar products to be worn as a base layer under snow pants or other outerwear. However, Woolx crafts its products to be multi-functional. You can see that these leggings can be worn by themselves or as a pair of base layer bottoms from the cut and design. Therefore you’re getting the most bang for your buck when purchasing their clothing.

Woolx is popular in the Merino world (although it’s definitely one of the top reasons). Below are a few more reasons why we love Woolx Merino wool clothing.

A Wide Variety Of Options & New Collections

If you look at a lot of smaller Merino wool brands, they may have limited products available. Typically, there will be a tee-shirt, base layer (top & bottom), mid-layer, socks, and underwear. You don’t always see that much variety.

However, Woolx stands out to us since they offer plenty of styles of their Merino wool clothing. For example, in addition to the products previously mentioned, they have hats, henleys, tank tops, jackets, vests, and more! In fact, their Men’s Stowe Vest is one of our favorite pieces of everyday Merino wool gear!

Above all, we see that Woolx is constantly perfecting and releasing new products based on customer feedback. In the fall of 2020, they released more hoodies and outer layers, an area in which they were previously lacking.

For Woolx, it’s about providing a collection that suits your needs, and we look forward to seeing what unique products they release soon.

Excellent Customer Service

The nature of Merino wool is that manufacturing can be inconsistent. It’s not like with synthetic material, where each thread is exactly the same size. Thus, if you order two identical pieces of apparel, they may have slight differences.

Woolx fully understands this concept and provides excellent service to its loyal customers. Not only do they have a great warranty and return policy (expanded upon later), but they answer their emails timely and professionally.

If you have any issues whatsoever, you can simply contact them at, and they will gladly walk you through any problems you may have. They genuinely care about your satisfaction with their products. Their customer concern and long-lasting relationships are some of the main factors in their quest for Merino wool innovation.

Small Business Mentality

Above all, we love Woolx’s small business mentality. They truly put the needs of the customers first, creating products that meet your needs. Woolx understands it’s the people behind the brand that make them great. They care for their employees and spotlight each and every one of them on their site.

Check out their “Meet the Team” page to learn more!

Woolx Review: Areas to Improve

Our goal with these Merino companies and reviews is not to criticize each company. We feel that they are both positive and negative aspects within each brand. Therefore, it’s simply our job to provide you with our analysis to become a well-informed consumer.

So, when it comes to Woolx Merino wool clothing, there are two aspects of their products that we think could use a bit of improvement. Firstly, we feel like the overall fit of their apparel could be improved. Secondly, we would like to see some higher-fashion options in their collections. Let’s take a closer look at both.

A More Athletic Fit

Most of Woolx’s clothing is crafted from 100% pure Merino wool. And even though it has a natural stretch, we feel like the cut could be a bit more form-fitting for athletic endeavors.

Woolx Men's Midweight Base Layer

Woolx Mens Midweight Base Layer

In our opinion, their clothing is much more fit suited for casual wear as the traditional/relaxed fit flows freely and is comfortable. However, if you are using Woolx apparel as a base layer, it can sometimes feel cumbersome. Especially if you are wearing a tighter outer layer.

We understand this concept may be confusing, so take a look at their men’s midweight base layer here. Don’t get us wrong, it’s incredibly comfortable. Still, you can see the fabric’s shape doesn’t always mesh with your body, especially if you don’t have a standard body type. There may be a bit of bunching around the sleeves and the waist, which can be uncomfortable.

This isn’t the case with all of their products, though, so be sure to check out the size charts that we’ve provided.

Higher-Fashion Options

As we have previously mentioned, Woolx apparel toes the line between outdoor clothing and casual wear. Several companies specifically tailor their Merino wool clothing for the outdoors. Still, there are much fewer brands that focus on higher fashion wool clothing.

We feel that Woolx is on the cusp of both worlds, and we would love to see them add more fashion apparel to their already extensive collection. It’s more of a personal preference (and not so much of a negative). Moreover, we think they have the tools and knowledge to break into the fashion industry. We would love to see more streetwear-style clothing and formalwear.

However, the fashion world may not be part of their brand’s mindset. Still, we think Woolx would do a fantastic job filling this void in the Merino wool fashion industry.


Merino wool, in itself, is a sustainable resource. The sheep eat grass, soak up the sun, and are ethically sheared once per year (sometimes more depending on the region). While there are some environmental negatives associated with Merino production (livestock emissions, overgrazing, etc.), most experts believe that wool production is net positive for the environment,

See our complete Merino wool sustainability guide here.

As for Woolx, we feel like they put sustainability at the forefront of their products (even if they don’t explicitly state it on their website).

Why? Firstly, they use Woolmark-certified Merino wool, which is known for its strict sustainable and ethical practices. But more importantly, Woolx strives to make long-lasting, quality apparel. And believe it or not, that’s the number one factor that affects sustainability: number of wears.

Sure, we would love to see a little more information on the same policies and practices that Woolx uses to help the environment (like Icebreaker’s transparency reports). But for now, we think they are doing a decent job at helping out the planet.


Woolx stands behind the non-mulesing movement and follows ethical principles in production as laid out in the Woolmark certification. They understand that happy sheep lead to satisfied customers.

“You can be assured that the humane treatment of the animals we rely on for our business is very important us.”

Note: We think that Woolx should provide a bit more detailed information about the ethics behind their production process. The language they use on the website is a bit too generic. Although we do trust their ethics as a company, we would just like to see more elements.

When it comes to their workers, you can clearly see that Woolx cares about its employees. They constantly spotlight the people behind their brand on Instagram and on their website.

In other words, they have transferred their employee-centric, brick-and-mortar mentality into their growing Merino wool brand.


Woolx notes on their website that all their wool is non-mulesed and sourced from ethical farmers in Australia. They purchase their materials from Woolmark, an industry-leading wool supplier that produces wool ethically and treats sheep humanely.

Woolx Review: Products

We would classify Woolx as more of a Merino wool lifestyle brand than an outdoor brand, but that doesn’t mean that their clothing won’t hold up in the outdoors.

Still, we’ll let you be the judge on that based on some of their top-selling Merino wool products for both men and women.

Note: If you think some of their products are too expensive – as with much of Merino apparel – we’ve added ways to find deals and discounts below, as well.

How Can I Find Deals On Woolx Apparel?

As you may already know, Merino wool gear can be expensive. Woolx is priced middle-of-the-road throughout the industry but still offers exceptional quality.

If you’re actually looking for Deals, Woolx has a sales & clearance page on their website. It typically has off-season or high-inventory products, but it’s definitely a page to bookmark. 

However, you can get $20 off your first purchase by signing up for their rewards program!

Also, make sure to check out their company page on Amazon, as they often adjust their pricing based on time of year and product availability.

Woolx Sizing Charts

Before purchasing any Woolx products, please consult with the sizing charts below or check on their website. We’ve noticed that their sizing sometimes runs a bit larger than other Merino wool companies on the market. It’s not a downside by any means, as inconsistent sizing is the nature of Merino manufacturing.

Men’s Sizing Charts

WoolX Men’s Short Sleeve Size Chart

SizeChest CircumferenceCenter Back LengthSleeve
S33″ – 36″28.5″17″
M36″ – 40″29″17.75″
L40″ – 44″30″18.5″
XL44″ – 48″31″19.25″
XXL48″ – 52″32.25″20″
*Measurements refer to body, not actual garment size

WoolX Men’s Long Sleeve Size Chart

SizeChest (in.)Center Back Length (in.)Sleeve (in.)
S34 – 362732
M38 – 402832.5
L42 – 442933.5
XL46 – 483033.5
XXL50 – 523134.5

WoolX Men’s Bottoms Size Chart

S28″ – 30″30″ – 31″
M32″ – 34″31″ – 32″
L36″ – 38″32″ – 34″
XL40″ – 42″33″ – 35″
XXL44″ – 46″34″ – 36″

Woolx Men’s Boxers Size Chart

SizeWaist (in.)Inseam (in.)
S28 – 304
M32 – 344
L36 – 384
XL40 – 424
XXL44 – 464

Women’s Sizing Charts

WoolX Women’s Short Sleeve Tee Sizing Chart

SizeChestCenter Back Length
XS (0 – 2)31″ – 33″26″
S (4 – 6)34″ – 36″26.5″
M (8 – 10)36″ – 38″27″
L (12 – 14)40″ – 42″27.5″
XL (16)42″ – 44″28.5″
1X (18)44″ – 46″29″
2X (20 – 22)48″ – 50″29.5″
3X (24 – 26)52.5″ – 54″30″

Woolx Women’s Long Sleeve Sizing Chart

SizeChestCenter Back LengthSleeve
XS (0 – 2)31″ – 33″26″32″
S (4 – 6)34″ – 36″26.5″32.5″
M (8 – 10)36″ – 38″27″32.5″
L (12 – 14)40″ – 42″27.5″33″
XL (16)42″ – 44″28.5″33.5″
1X (18)44″ – 46″29″34″
2X (20 – 22)48″ – 50″29.5″34.5″
3X (24 – 26)52.5″ – 54″30″35″
Note: Some WoolX long sleeve women’s apparel (e.g., Rory, Peyton, etc.) have their own sizing charts

WoolX Women’s Leggings Sizing Chart

X0 – 224″ – 26″34.5″ – 35.5″
S4 – 626″ – 28″36″ – 37.5″
M8 – 1029″ – 30″38″ – 39.5″
L12 – 1431″ – 33″40″ – 42.5″
XL1634″ – 36″43″ – 45″
1X16 – 1836″ – 38″46″ – 48″
2X20 – 2240″ – 42″50″ – 52″
3X24 – 2644″ – 46″53″ – 56″

WoolX Women’s Underwear Sizing Chart

XS (0 – 2)24″ – 25″34″ – 35″
S (4 – 6)26″ – 27″36″ – 37″
M (8 – 10)28″ – 30″38″ – 40″
L (12 – 14)31″ – 33″40″ – 42″
XL (16)33″ – 35″43″ – 44″
XXL (18)35″ – 37″44″ – 45″
The perfect Merino Leggings


Woolx is proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No strings attached. And no fine print.”

According to the Woolx website, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their products. Although, their a few stipulations for returning items (see below). Therefore, you should try on your clothes without removing any tags to ensure proper fit and functionality.

Additionally, as Merino wool is known for sometimes having manufacturing defects, the Woolx guarantee covers any imperfections or seam issues that you may find.

Note: We could not find a time limit on this warranty. But due to the language, we don’t feel like it’s a “lifetime guarantee” as with some other Merino wool companies. It’s suggested that you initiate the warranty process as soon as possible to avoid any potential issues.

Return Policy

In general, returning apparel products can be a hassle. I would sometimes rather eat my losses or re-gift the product than have to deal with customer service. It’s an unnecessary stress that I would rather not deal with.

But that’s not the case with Woolx.

Their return and exchanges policy is super simple and hassle-free. Go to their returns page, enter your order number and zip code, and the process begins!

Before you return your product, please ensure that you follow Woolx’s guidelines. Items must be…

  • Unwashed & unworn
  • Free from pet hair
  • Free from cologne & makeup

If you have any questions about Woolx’s return policy, feel free to reach out to me at or email Woolx directly at

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