Some guys think they have everything, while others want everything, but neither has everything. Because I’d bet they don’t have a soft, plush, cozy, odor-resistant, natural pair of Merino wool joggers.

Okay, that’s a stretch, but if you’re a guy who loves mixing comfort and style, you really should own a pair of Merino wool joggers. Merino’s natural properties regulate your temperature, keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not. It’s the magic of Merino!

But this ‘magic‘ isn’t always very magical. Merino wool gear can be hard to shop for, requires more maintenance, and varies significantly from brand to brand.

And that’s where we come in. At Merino Wool Gear, we filter out the fluff and give you the best. With years of experience, we know a thing or two about Merino.

Today, I’ll review eight of my favorite Merino wool joggers and sweatpants for guys like me who have everything (or at least think they do)! But before I give you my top picks, I’ll provide a brief buying guide so you can make well-informed decisions. And, if you’re just here for the best Merino wool joggers, navigate with the ‘Jump Menu‘ below.

How To Choose The Right Merino Wool Joggers For You

Our goal at Merino Wool Gear is to provide you with the latest, greatest, and up-to-date-est information in the world of Merino wool. But it’s not for us (we already love Merino); it’s for you!

These buying guides aim to avoid the hassle of returns and disappointments since we already sifted through the crap for you. We give you the best options, but it’s your place to decide which works for you. So, with a hand-picked pool of the best Merino wool gear and the insider knowledge below, you can find your ideal clothing.

For these Merino wool joggers, I’ll focus on four main buying criteria: comfortfunctionstyle, and everyone’s favorite: price. Let’s dig deeper into each one!

If Merino wool is anything, it’s comfortable. The superfine wool fibers are less than a third the diameter of human hair, so wearing a pair of Merino wool joggers feels like your legs are wrapped in a cloud.

Although, as you can imagine, comfort means different things to different people. I like a heavier, brushed interior for a plush feel, but others may prefer a breathable, lightweight knit for the gym. Each jogger has its own unique combination of comfort features. Here are some common ones to look for:

Choose whichever comfort features work best for you, and find the pair of Merino wool joggers! Okay, it’s not that simple, but you get the point: determining your desired comfort features will make you feel much more comfortable buying a pair of pants.

As much as I would love you to redo your entire wardrobe with Merino wool, please don’t. You should understand how you will use each gear piece before buying. If it’s not functional for your life, then it’s not worth purchasing.

That being said, many of these Merino wool joggers serve a specific function. Some may be your go-to dog-walking sweats, while others may be your I-barely-ever-jog joggers. Jokes aside, if it’s comfortable and fulfills its purpose, it’s worth exploring further.

Okay, so you found a cozy, functional pair of Merino wool joggers; how do they look on you? I will always say “darn good,” but I’m not the judge here. What’s your jogger style? Do you prefer a tapered athletic look or more of a classic, relaxed fit? What the heck do you really want?

Three styles of Merino wool joggers and sweatpants

Remember that many of these Merino wool brands have fit and style variations within each collection, so poke around each store to ensure you get the style that suits you.

Also, style and fashion change, so if it’s too trendy or gadgety, give it a pass. However, if you are the man who has everything, you’ll want to be on top of the fashion world. And Merino wool is working its way up the ranks. So, you should hop on the train before you get left behind!

Finally, you got your perfect pair of Merino wool joggers: they feel good, work well, and look sexy AFBut holy sh*t, the price tag!

Merino wool can be expensive; it’s one of its few downsidesDo you know how much my Merino wool budget is monthly?! I have no regrets, but my bank account has suffered the consequences.

Fortunately, after years of writing about Merino wool, I realized it’s worth every penny. I’ve had Merino joggers I’ve worn hundreds of times, but they don’t look a day over 30. I got triple my money’s worth with those!

For my eight picks of Merino wool joggers, you’ll typically see values between $60-$200, but each pair is worth the price. You get what you pay for, and despite an expensive price tag, these joggers & sweatpants have insane ‘lifetime value.’

Best All-Around Merino Wool Joggers

Ibex Tranquil Jogger

Ibex Tranquil Joggers Deep Ocean

Pros: Warm, cozy comfort | Top-notch wool-cotton blend | Minimalist design with technical features

Cons: I wish there were more wool | Style not for everyone

With superb comfort, the Ibex Tranquil Joggers take the top spot on our list. The interior is smooth, odor-resistant Merino wool (26% of the material composition), while the outer face is cotton. You get one luxuriously soft pair of joggers when these two fabrics are blended. Even Ibex, a long-standing Merino wool brand, claims this fabric “could be the best blend of natural fibers yet.” They will genuinely make your legs feel tranquil (hence the name).

Still, comfort is nothing without style. The fit is loose and relaxed, the fabric flowing freely as you move. The gusseted construction improves overall mobility, too. And, with a thick elastic waistband, drawstring, and ankle cuffs, you get all-day support and an elegant drape you don’t always see with sweatpants.

Moreover, as Ibex designed these joggers as the ultimate travel companion, they come packed with functional features. The half-welt hand pockets are sewn in with fabric that folds over the top of the pocket opening. This creates a finished look and helps to keep the pocket from sagging. A coil-zippered back pocket offers minimal bulk, keeping you comfy even on long international flights. And, with a versatile 230 gsm (midweight) fabric, these Merino wool joggers will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Now, that’s travel gear at its finest.

Overall, these joggers provide you with comfort, mobility, style, and so much more. You can wear them to the gym, to the store, on the plane, or on the couch. We could all use tranquility in our lives, so why not start with the Ibex Tranquil Joggers? Head over to Ibex below to learn more!

Best Merino Wool Joggers For Lounging

Icebreaker Shifter II Straight Pants

Icebreaker Shifter II Straight Pants

Pros: The best ‘my-day-is-over’ pants | Unique fabric blend | Merino-lined seams & pockets

Cons: ‘Dad style’ not for everyone | Limited color options

After a long day of work, there’s no better feeling than getting home and throwing on your favorite pair of sweats. And the Icebreaker Shifter II Straight Pants will be your new favorite pair of lounge pants. The relaxed fit makes them perfect for lounging around the house. You can binge, snack, slack, swipe, and procrastinate comfortably. When you put on these Merino wool joggers, you’ll never want to take them off.

What sets these Shifter pants – and all Icebreaker gear – apart is the expert level of craftsmanship. With high-quality, sustainable materials like TENCEL™ and Merino, the Eucraform terry fabric feels plush and smooth as it cradles your lower half. And, while Icebreaker doesn’t explicitly state the fabric weight, these sweats feel much heavier (28.34 oz.) than other pairs. So, you get a cozy, warm pair of “before and after bottoms.”

I particularly enjoy the non-tapered construction, or ‘Dad Sweats.’ It’s got a flowing, unique style that’s very much in line with much of the streetwear fashion today. Although, I completely understand if you’re not ready for ‘Dad Fashion‘ quite yet. Still, who cares if you look like a dweeb when your legs are draped in a cushy, warm material.

So, when your day is over – work has been worked, gym has been gymed, and life has been lifed – the Icebreaker Shifter II Pants will be waiting for you. The coziness will wipe away the stress from the outside. Just slip them on and lounge away into the abyss. You deserve it.

Best Merino Wool Joggers For Running

Smartwool Active Fleece Tech Pant

Smartwool Active Fleece Tech Pant Blue

Pros: Excellent stretch & recovery | Technical features for runners | Cozy brushed interior

Cons: Expensive | Untested (new product)

I’ve got to be honest with you: I still need to get my hands on these Smartwool Active Fleece Tech Pants. But I sure am excited too soon. Just look at how unique these Merino wool joggers are compared to some on this list. They just look perfect for four-season running. And if my previous Smartwool reviews have taught me anything, they perform how they look.

But still, these pants are new and remain untested. Plus, at such a hefty price tag, you may not want to risk it; I completely understand. But I’m here to tell you: these Merino wool joggers are worth the risk. Just look at some of these features:

  • Brushed Merino interior for a soft feel
  • Adjustable waist and legs for fine-tuned fit
  • Synthetic additions for strength & stretch
  • Warm, breathable material
  • Zippered hand pockets
  • Reflective elements

I’ve been doing this for a few years and have not seen better Merino wool joggers for running. These Smartwool Active Fleece Tech Pants are everything you need to conquer the winter elements, one step at a time. If you’re interested, grab a pair and let us know how they performed. We always love community feedback!  

Best Merino Wool Joggers For Daily Use

Ridge Merino Hyde Jogger

Ridge Merino Hyde Joggers Black

Pros: All-day comfort | Effortless style & construction | Warm yet breathable

Cons: Pocket zipper strings may fall off | Limited color availability

With a simple, minimalist design and Uber-comfy material, these Hyde joggers from Ridge Merino are the best for everyday wear. Why, you may ask? Well, because I wear my pair of Hyde Joggers every day. That’s right, these are my go-to around-town, at-home, and everywhere-in-between pants.

I mainly wear them because they’re stylish enough for any outfit. I can pair them with a Merino wool tank for the gym or a hoodie for a brisk autumn day. Moreover, the tapered leg design is trendy and goes with all my wardrobe, which is truthful about all of Ridge Merino’s gear.

But not only do these Hyde joggers look good, but they feel good. The 100% Merino wool Terry knit material is soft and plush, cradling and draping in all the right places. And with extra comfort features like flatlock seams and hand warmer pockets, your legs will feel peaceful no matter how chaotic your day is.

So, if you’re just looking for a pair of Merino wool joggers – a solid, versatile, and comfy pair of sweats – look no further than these Ridge Merino Hyde Joggers. Take it from the guy wearing a pair as he writes this: these 100% Merino Wool joggers are 100% worth it.

Best Merino Wool Joggers For Travel

Unbound Merino MerinoTencel Sweatpants

Unbound Merino Men's MerinoTencel Sweatpants Charcoal

Pros: Cloud-like comfort | Versatile style | Highly sustainable fabric

Cons: Limited availability (super popular) | Shallow pockets

Merino wool joggers are excellent travel companions. They keep you comfortable during uncomfortable flights, and since Merino wool is odor-proof, you won’t have to wash them on the road. That way, you can carry less and explore more! Our favorite pair of travel joggers comes from one of our favorite travel brands: Unbound Merino.

Initially known for their minimalist travel tee, Unbound Merino has expanded their collection to all the gear travelers love, including these sweats. They have a slim, tapered construction, making them versatile enough to work with nearly any outfit in your carry-on. Moreover, there are zippered back pockets and a hidden zipper pocket in the front to secure your belongings. Although, I wish all the pockets were a bit deeper.

As with all of Unbound Merino’s creations, these travel joggers use high-quality, sustainable materials. The blend of Tencel and Merino, which have eco-friendly properties, provides a soft, luxurious feel. Moreover, the 2% spandex creates a little extra stretch, that is, if you have enough leg room. You’ll be in a cloud of comfort as you zip through the clouds.

These Unbound Merino sweats are a must-have for serious travelers, especially the ‘one bag‘ crowd. And since they’re already so popular, it’s best to grab your size before they sell out!

Most Stylish Merino Wool Joggers

Wool & Prince Interlock Knit Jogger

Wool and Prince Interlock Knit Jogger Black

Pros: Flattering design | Engineered durability | French terry option available

Cons: Pockets may sag over time | Minimal color options

If you want to up your style game but still want that ‘lazy Sunday morning’ comfort, Wool & Prince has you covered with their Interlock Knit joggers. The style and design are the most ‘formal-looking’ of all the Merino wool joggers I’ve seen, making them perfect for activewear, streetwear, travel, and more!

And this level of expertise and craftsmanship isn’t exclusive to these joggers. Wool & Prince creates the market’s most stylish, professional Merino wool workwear. They look nicer than half my work pants, especially the French Terry option.

Although, style is nothing without comfort. Luckily, the wool-nylon blend manages moisture and regulates temperature despite a slightly heavier fabric weight (300 gsm). Moreover, the fibers are durable, as the nylon filament is coiled around the Merino, giving you the best of both worlds.

Overall, these are the nicest-looking sweats you’ll own – Merino wool or not. Unfortunately, there are minimal color options as of now. But watch out as Wool & Prince often releases new color options each season.

Most Versatile Merino Wool Joggers

Woolly Longhaul Jogger

Woolly Longhaul Joggers Blue

Pros: Go anywhere, do anything type of pant| Flexible material | Comparatively affordable

Cons: Long-term durability concerns | Sizing inconsistencies

When you just need a versatile, functional pair of pants, the Woolly Longhaul Joggers are an excellent choice. Made from a blend of Merino wool, cotton, and elastic, these joggers are incredibly comfortable. The stretch and recovery of the material make these pants a solid addition to any activewear wardrobe. Moreover, the modern, low-bulk fit makes them an excellent layering option on the slopes.

Although, some users have noted that these joggers aren’t the most durable. While this is the first time I have seen this issue with these pants or other Woolly gear, this low wear-life is likely due to improper care. So, if you follow the correct laundry routine, you won’t have any issues.

So, whether you’re lounging around the house, finishing the last set at the gym, running errands around town, or just about any other activity, the Woolly Longhaul Joggers will be there for the longhaul. And at such an affordable price – often discounted even further – they may be the most valuable pair of Merino wool joggers on this list!

Warmest Merino Wool Joggers

Duckworth Powder Pant

Duckworth Powder Pant Olive Green

Pros: Absolute coziness | Boot cut length for waders & ski boots | 100% sourced in USA

Cons: Expensive | Not the most stylish joggers

If you’re venturing into the winter wilderness, you may need more than a thin Merino wool base layer. In subzero conditions, you need a thicker, breathable mid-layer under your snow pants, and the Duckworth Powder Pants are the perfect fit. There won’t be any bunching near your ankles, as the shorter boot-cut length is ideal for ski boots and waders.

The secret to the Powder Pants’ warmth is in the wool itself. Unlike other Australian Merino brands, Duckworth sources their wool from their ranch in Dillon, MT. These sheep roam the Rocky Mountains, a much harsher climate than their cousins ‘Down Under.’ So, their wool is much more rugged and warm, and that’s precisely what you get with these pants.

Still, you don’t have to wait for a blizzard to wear these sweats. The shorter length makes them great for lounging by the fire with a cozy, warm pair of Merino wool socks. You should cover yourself in a Merino wool blanket, too! That is absolute coziness.

What else do you want me to say? These Powder Pants are warm and cozy. The warmest and the coziest. And if you value comfort, you’re going to want a pair!

Final Note About The Best Merino Wool Joggers

There you have it: our top eight Merino wool joggers for the man with almost everything. These pants are functional, fashionable, and absolutely cozy. Now, you have everything!

But before you get everything, remember the buying criteria. And after considering all the factors, we completely understand if you’re still not a fan of any Merino wool joggers. We want you to find the right gear, Merino wool or not.

However, if one of these joggers tickled your fancy, and you’re looking to dip your toes into the Merino world, you’ve come to the right place. Follow us on the socials below, or join our newsletter for the latest news, deals, and discounts on all your favorite Merino wool gear.

Thanks again for reading, and remember to join the flock!

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