Updated April 2023: The type of beanie that you wear often says a lot about your personality. From slouchy hipster hats to tight-fitting skull caps, each beanie has a personality. So, today, we are going to play the role of matchmaker and link you up with 14 Merino Wool Beanies for every type of person – men and women.

But, before you start swiping right, let’s take a look at the ins and outs of what makes a beanie a beanie.

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The Anatomy of a Beanie

You may think you understand the beanie basics, but we want you to fully embrace the purchasing process. Let’s dig deep into the fit, style, and construction of what makes a good beanie.

Beanie Anatomy

Slouchiness (or Snugness)

Do you know that little tip of beanie fabric that protrudes from the top of your head? That’s known as the “slouch.” Some beanies are specifically designed to have plenty of slouch, primarily for fashion purposes. Other beanies, like skull caps, are made to sit completely snug around your head. The degree of slouchiness is entirely a personal preference.

Cuff Length

Many beanies have a functional cuff so that you can wear it folded up for extra warmth around the ears. Be aware when purchasing a beanie that some of them have sewn-through cuffs that cannot be adjusted.

Ear Coverage

Depending on your activity, you’ll want to ensure that the beanie covers your ears to your liking. Typically, most toques sit below your ear line, but some individual styles are crafted only to cover the top of your head. Beanies with a folding cuff offer an option of resting above or below ear level.

Knit Construction

There are two main types of knit constructions when it comes to Merino wool beanies. You have the typical jersey knit fabric or the chunky knitted Merino. The jersey knit is the same material you see in a lot of Merino clothing, except a bit thicker. These types of beanies are best suited for outdoor activities and travel since they offer plenty of breathability. The chunky knit beanies come in different varieties depending on the knit style. Still, they often are ribbed to provide warmth and flexibility.

Extra Features


As a website dedicated to wool, we think the best material for any clothing is Merino. But in the spirit of objectivity, we want you to know that there are plenty of synthetic options available as well. While materials like polyester and nylon are not as comfortable as Merino, they offer plenty of warmth and even more durability.

Double Layers & Liners

Most fabric beanies come in a double-layer construction. The air between the two layers acts as an insulator to provide extra warmth. For added warmth protection, many beanies have an interior liner. This may be composed of fleece or another softer fabric to add extra comfort. Think of it like a thin internal cuff.


Not only will wearing a reversible beanie last longer (it won’t smell as much), but many beanies offer different color options in the interior.

Poms & Tassels

Suppose you are looking for a style with a little more flair than your traditional beanie. In that case, many companies offer stylish features like poms, tassels, cords, and more.

The Different Beanie Styles

It’s essential to understand the different styles of beanies so that you can gauge which one suits your needs. We’ll go over five of the more common types of beanies and provide a quick summary table of their most common features.

Traditional Beanie

You probably already know about traditional beanies. They come in a range of styles, typically with a folded cuff. They can be worn with a varying slouch and ear coverage, depending on how you fold the cuff. Also, they can either be composed of jersey fabric or chunky knit.

Hipster Beanie

Along with flannel, a beard, and fake glasses, the ultra-slouchy beanie has become synonymous with hipster culture. Typically, they are constructed from a medium-grade knit and offer varying ear coverage depending on style. Authentic hipster beanies don’t have a cuff but can be worn folded up for added warmth.

Skull Cap

The skull cap is self-explanatory: it’s a cap for your skull. It provides a tight-fitting layer for your head and typically is constructed without a cuff. Depending on the size of your head, the ear coverage is often adequate to keep you warm. Since many of these skull cap beanies are meant to wear under helmets, they are usually composed of thinner jersey fabric.

Fisherman Beanie

While the fisherman beanie often gets confused with the traditional style, but they actually rest above the ear line. They are made of chunky, ribbed knitting and fit tightly on your head with minimal slouch. These types of beanies have had increasing popularity within the fashion world as of late.

Earflap Hat

excellent mixture of functionality and fashion. The chunky knit construction and longer earflaps are meant to fully cover your ears for maximal warmth. They often come with extras like poms, tassels, ropes, liners, and more!

Which Beanie Style Works Best For You?

Other than personal preference, you’ll want to ensure that your beanie matches your facial features and overall style. There are two simple considerations you can use depending on the shape of your face.

For Short Faces

You’ll want to add a bit of length with a slouchy beanie, especially if you have a square face. Don’t wear it too far down over your ears either, as it will make your head appear disproportional.

For Long Faces

Try a tight-fitting traditional beanie with less slouch as it will make your face appear more proportional. Also, horizontally striped patterns help to shorten the length of your face.

Why Choose a Merino Wool Beanie?

Now that you understand what type of beanie is best for your overall style, you should now look at why Merino wool is the best beanie material.


First things first: you should always wear a beanie that feels comfortable on your head. Unlike traditional wool fabrics that can feel itchy, Merino wool is extra-smooth. The fibers are less than 20 microns, or about double as fine as conventional wool.

Temperature Regulation

You will likely be wearing your beanie in colder conditions, so warmth should be a top consideration. Merino wool has excellent insulation properties but even better temperature regulation properties. Not only will it keep you warm in the winter, but it will also help you to stay cool in the summer.


Even if you are in colder climates, a thick beanie can make your head sweat. Not only is this sweat annoying, but as it evaporates, it can make you feel colder. Merino wool provides a fantastic solution to this issue by wicking away moisture, dispersing trapped water vapor, and providing plenty of airflow.

Odor Resistance

Have you ever smelled the inside of a heavily worn hat? It’s one of the more unpleasant odors in this world. Luckily, Merino wool has a natural waxy substance called lanolin, which odor-causing bacteria do not like. They can’t adhere to the fibers, and in combination with excellent airflow, it will leave your beanie smelling fresh.

Best Merino Wool Beanie For Every Personality Type

Best Merino Beanie For The Outdoor Lover

Minus33 Ridge Cuff Wool Beanie

100% Merino | 235 gsm | UPF 50+ | Double-Layer Insulation | Functional cuff | 15+ Colors

Minus33 Merino Wool Ridge Cuff Wool Beanie

As it’s made for 100% Merino, 18.5-micron fibers, the Ridge Cuff beanie is super-soft. Its cuff is functional, allowing you to wear whichever style you choose. The care process is straightforward, and unlike other Merino wool products, this beanie is completely laundry-safe. Finally, it’s lightweight, packable, and warm, making it perfect for any outdoor adventure.

View Minus33 Company Profile and Sizing Charts

Personally, we really love everything about this beanie. Some users have reported fit and long-term durability issues. Although, we’ve had ours for over a year and have not experienced this issue.

Best Merino Hat For The Stylish Traveler

Fjallraven Classic Knit Hat

100% Merino | Two-layered knit | Adequate stretch & comfort | Fold-up cuff | 7 Colors

Fjallraven Classic Knit Hat

Comfort has never been so hard to pronounce. The Fjallraven (sounds like fi-yal-raa-ven) classic knit hat is perfect for travelers who want to look fashionable and not like tourists. The 100% Merino wool construction is soft, while the double-layered knitting adds another barrier against the cold. The fold-up edging makes this Merino beanie more versatile than some of the other hats on this list.

With a well-known company like Fjallraven, you know you are going to be buying quality material. Unfortunately, some users have reported excessive pilling after washing. Be sure to follow the proper care instructions to keep this classic knit hat looking fresh.

Best Merino Wool Hat For Busy Commuters

Meriwool Merino 250 Cuffed Beanie

100% Merino | 250 gsm | 18.5 microns | Interlocking knit | Double-layered | 12 Colors

Simple, clean, and warm. What more do you want out of a beanie? The Meriwool Merino 250 Cuffed beanie is perfect for day-to-day life, especially if you live in a colder climate. The interlocking, double-layered knit will keep you warm on the way to work. It won’t be clunky on your head either, as the clean finish and minimal seams provide maximum scalp comfort.

View Meriwool Company Profile & Sizing Charts

It’s unisex, and comes in 12 different colors, so you can buy a few pairs if you’re more focused on style. Remember, this fit is not like a skull cap but more of a slouched beanie, so you’ll have a little bit of extra fabric up top.

Best Merino Wool Beanie For Winter Athletes

Smartwool Merino 250 Cuffed Beanie

100% Merino | 250 gsm | Reversible | Roll cuff | One Size | 6 colors

Smartwool Thermal Merino Reversible Cuffed Beanie Charcoal

When you’re going for a run on a brisk February morning, there’s nothing better to keep your head warm than the Smartwool 250 Cuffed Beanie. The fabric is a dense 250 GSM (or about four pieces of paper thick) yet is still breathable to fight sweat accumulation. Even if you are a heavy sweater, this hat is reversible, so just flip it around!

View Smartwool Company Profile and Sizing Charts

Smartwool is a popular name in the Merino wool game. They even crafted this hat out of the same material as their base layers. While it’s not the most stylish beanie in the world, if you rank function over fashion, then this beanie should be your top choice.

Best Merino Beanie For Snow Bros

Danish Endurance Classic Merino Wool Beanie

50% Merino | Knit pattern | Folding cuff | Tested by Olympic athletes | 4 colors

Those Danes know their way around a hat. We love the sleek design of this Classic Merino Wool Beanie by Danish Endurance. The knitting pattern is not only stylish but functional to keep your dome warm in the winter. It’s crafted with a blend of Merino wool and recycled polyester, which not only makes it more durable but saves the planet in the process.

We can see ourselves in this beanie chilling on the deck of a ski resort after a long day on the mountain and just sipping a beer, watching the stars, and keeping our heads warm.

Best Merino Beanie For Ice Queens

Smartwool Women’s Isto Retro Beanie

50% Merino, 50% Acrylic | Heavy Knit | Folding cuff | Fluffy pom | 5 colors

Smartwool Isto Retro Beanie Yellow

Ladies, if you want to look stylish out on the slopes, you may want to consider buying the Isto Retro Beanie by Smartwool. It comes in five different color designs for every ski jacket you own, all of them featuring a fuzzy pom dangling on top.

View Smartwool Company Profile and Sizing Charts

Although, if you think this hat is simply for looks, you would be wrong. The bulky knitting and solid cuff construction offer plenty of warmth. Also, since it’s a 50/50 blend of Merino wool and acrylic, it’s both super soft and durable. The Smartwool Isto Retro Beanie is the perfect crown for the queen of the mountain.

Best Merino Wool Hat For Hipsters

Duckworth Co Knit Rigger Hat

100% Merino | USA Sourced | 1/4″ thick | Casual fit | 6 Colors

Duckworth Knit Rigger Hat Blue

Along with a rugged beard and flannel shirt, the slouchy beanie is an essential part of any hipster ensemble. It doesn’t matter if you’re indoors, outdoors, or anywhere in between: the hat stays on your head. Luckily with the Knit Rigger Hat by Duckworth, you’ll never want to take it off anyway.

The 100% Merino wool fabric will keep your head cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There is plenty of slouch in the back, so you’ll never have to worry about your beanie forming into a giant cone on your head. Honestly, it’s genuinely a great hat whether you’re a hipster or not. So, wear it before it becomes too mainstream.

Best Merino Beanie For Professionals

Canada Goose Fitted Beanie

Ultrafine Merino | Water-resistant coating | Double-layered | Dry clean only | 3 colors

Canada Goose Fitted Beanie

Simple, sleek, and stylish. The Canada Goose Fitted Beanie has it all. Crafted from ultrafine Merino wool fabric with a water-resistant coating, this hat will keep you warm and dry when you’re hopping from meeting to meeting in the winter.

Although we have to say, it costs a lot of money. But with a famous brand like Canada Goose, you know you’re getting quality beanie that will last you a lifetime.

Best Merino Wool Beanie For Students

Simply Merino Kids Wool Beanie

100% Merino | 220 gsm | 18.5 microns | Double-layered | Various sizes available | 11 colors

“Put on a hat; you’re gonna catch a cold!” Well, with the Simply Merino Kids Wool Beanie, your nagging will cease as your kid will never want to take it off. The double-layered, 100% Merino construction will be soft and warm on your child’s head.

The best part about this beanie is that it comes in all different sizes and colors to fit any kid’s personality. They can even wear it cuffed, slouchy, or anywhere in-between. Give your kids the back-to-school gift of style and give yourself the gift of peace of mind with this beanie from Simply Merino.

Best Merino Wool Hat For The Cozy Introvert

Turtlefur Gianna Pom Earflap

50% Merino, 50% Acrylic | Hand knitted | Micro-fleece lined | Earflap style | 3 colors

A cozy hat can make or break a winter day, especially if you’re not a fan of dealing with people. That’s where the Turtlefur Gianna Pom hat comes to save the day.

The large earflaps, microfleece lining, and 50/50 blend of Merino and acrylic make for one the coziest beanies on our list. It basically feels like you’re curled up in a reading nook with a cup of hot tea, but it’s on your head.

Best Merino Beanie For Penny Pinchers

Blueberry Uniforms Merino Wool Beanie Hat

50% Merino, 50% Acrylic | Classic fit | Made in Canada | Functional Cuff | 6 colors

Even though we love Merino, we know that it can be expensive. Luckily, even if you’re a frugal penny pincher, there are options out there for you. Blueberry Uniforms has put together a solid merino wool bean for less than $15.

It’s a 50/50 blend of Merino and Acrylic, making it soft and warm yet durable. It’s not the most stylish of the bunch, but if you’re on a budget, and you can still reap the benefits of Merino with this beanie.

Best Beanie For The Always Unprepared

Icebreaker Merino Pocket Hat

100% Merino | 200 gsm | Low-micron fibers | Skull cap style | Packs super small | 5 colors

Icebreaker Merino Pocket Hat Black

Everybody has that one friend who never seems to be prepared for anything. Like, why wouldn’t you bring a swimsuit when you knew we were going to the beach, Aaron?!

View Icebreaker Company Profile and Sizing Charts

Well, Icebreaker has created the hat for those types of people. The skull-cap style Pocket hat is composed of relatively thick 200 GSM, 100% Merino wool. It’s breathable, soft, and packable. In fact, it’s so packable that it even fits in your pocket! Although, I’m sure Aaron will forget it anyway.

Best Merino Wool Skullcap For Outdoor Workers

Smartwool NTS Merino 150 Beanie

87% Merino, 13% Nylon | 150 gsm | Skull cap style | UPF 20+ | Only 0.56 oz | 2 colors

Smartwool 150 Merino Beanie Gray

If you are an outdoor worker, you’ve probably experienced the dreaded head sweat, especially if you wear a hardhat or helmet. Luckily, Smartwool has crafted the NTS Merino 150 Beanie with comfort, durability, and warmth in mind.

View Smartwool Company Profile and Sizing Charts

The skull-cap construction makes it perfect underneath protective headwear. The 150 GSM fabric density (about two sheets of paper) is thick enough to keep you warm but thin enough to breathe, preventing excessive sweating. It’s basically the Goldilocks of Merino skull caps: just right.

Best Merino Hat For The Wannabe Fisherman

Finisterre Fisherman Beanie

100% Merino | Ribbed knit construction | Classic fit | 8 colors

Finisterre Fisherman Beanie

Ahoy, mateys! Okay, that was lame, but the Finisterre Fisherman Beanie is not. The classic ribbed knit construction made from 100% Merino Wool will keep your head warm no matter the weather. Also, it comes in eight unique colors so you can match any outfit.

We aren’t too big a fan of the fisherman beanie style because our ears get cold. But, if we were going to rock one, it would surely be this one from Finisterre.

Final Note About Merino Wool Beanies

Merino wool is the perfect beanie material; it’s comfortable, warm, breathable, and doesn’t stink! Remember to look into the Merino composition, micron thickness, and fabric density when considering purchasing a Merino hat.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hipster, snow queen, cozy introvert, or anything in between – there’s a Merino Wool beanie that’s right for you.

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